JING Cultural Information Uploaded!

We have finally uploaded some of our culture-class handouts to our website, and added links to more cultural information.  The links are on our JING Class Information page, under each of the Cultural Class descriptions, and the information-handouts are (linked from the Info page and) posted on a new JING Chinese Culture Information page.

The Cultural Events that have been updated are Abacus (link to a great tutorial), Chinese Brush Painting (information added), Chinese Banquet (information added), Dim Sum (information added), Chinese Music (link to a fantastic interview of Liu Fang), and Qigong (link to the Drs. Reid’s website).

If you haven’t already read the articles as handouts during the specific cultural classes, then I hope you will read the essay and links online and enjoy learning more about these wonderful aspects of Chinese culture.

The Chinese Brush Painting information handout is An Ultra Brief History of Chinese Brush Painting, including a few lines about Chinese Brush Painting in general and why I think it is so wonderful, and brief descriptions of the different types of painting as they developed.

The Chinese Music link is to an interview of Liu Fang, a reknown Pipa and Guzheng player. The interview is very good, and discusses how Chinese Music is related to Chinese Language and Chinese Art, particularly Chinese Brush Painting.  I recommend the interview to all language, art, and music lovers.

The Chinese Banquet information includes what to expect at a Banquet and how you are expected to behave, slightly colored by my own experiences in China and in the San Diego Chinese-American community. I have also included a section about Food Symbolism in Chinese food, modern Chinese weddings, and a link to the major food types in China.

The Dim Sum page is a lot shorter than then Banquet page, but I am sure you will also find it fun and helpful if you want to know more about Dim Sum.

And, of course, we would like to tell as many people as possible about the incredible Drs. Reid and their Qigong. Click on our link to their website!

I will continue working to add more information and links for you!